Swimming and GEP Carnival

Friday, July 30, 2010

Went swimming with my dear Hubby last saturday. We went to swim at YSCC. It was quite crowded that day so we have limited space to swim. Hubby's stamina was quite good! She swam 10 laps while mine was not so good. I swam 6 laps.

After swimming, we went to for dinner at the coffee shop opposite YSCC. Both of us ate western food. Hubby had fish & chips and i had black pepper chicken chop. It was YUMMY!!! :)

After dinner, we bought bubble tea at Yishun MRT. Hubby had passion fruit bubble tea and i had peach bubble tea. Its VERY NICE!

Then, we went over to my house for some fun and relaxation!

Its the end of the swimming part! Now i'll move on to the GEP carnival.

2 days ago, my class was selected to go for a GEP carnival at Simei ITE college East. School actually starts at 10am for us on wednesday but on this day which happens to be a wednesday, we had to be in school by 7.45am and a bus will fetch us to simei. The day before, when my teacher told us that we need to be in school by 7.45am, everyone was so moody!

The main aim of this carnival is to show us some the the exchange and overseas programmes we get to go during our 2 years to studying at ITE and also promote global culture.

Ok, so at the event. There was a opening speech by the CEO of the school and also a speech by the guest of honour. After the speeches by the 2 VIPs, there was a performance. They also gave us curry puff and nuts or peas wrapped in kachangbutei style.

In line with the YOG, there was a performance which 2 people sang the YOG cheer and there was an appearance of the 2 mascots, Merly and Lyo. Both the mascots were so cute when they did the actions on the YOG cheer, especially Merly!

After the concert, we went on to explore the exhibitions. There were food of various countries for us to try. Most of the food are quite common and i always eat it but i didn't know is was orginated from somewhere so far from me!

There was also activities for us to try such as henna painting, hand or face painting and chinese paper cutting. I tried the hand or face painting.

I posted this on twitter asking "what do you think this is?" on the same day.
what+do+you+think+this+is%3F on Twitpic

Now here's an explaination. Its actually the hand painting i did at the GEP carnival. Its not well drawn so it looks horrible! I feel that the person who drew this for me just anyhow draw.

Okay, so can you guess what this is now after reading what i've written above, from the start of the GEP carnival part?

My class friends definitely knew what that is because they were there too but they commented that it look like i got hurt and put a bandage. LOL! I asked my mum what she think that was and the answer she gave was also hand bleeding then put bandage.

My dad got the right answer because i told him about the carnival and also that i did hand painting before asking him.

I had a really great time experiencing all these and i knew more about where some food were orginally from! But what i don't like is after the carnival, we had to go back to school for POA lesson! Luckily, my BZE teacher spared us by cancelling his lesson and let go home at 3pm instead of 5pm!

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