Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finally my new post is up!

Yesterday was my group's Communicating for Business presentation day. The class had 7 groups altogether and the whole presentation lasted for a week. 4 groups presented on tuesday during lesson, 1 group on thursday and the last 2 groups yesterday. My group was the 2nd last group to present.

This is the first slide of our powerpoint slides. It shows the topic we were presenting on. We thought that it would be boring but at the end when the teacher gave her comments, she said that it was not boring at all.

I was quite nervous days before the presentation. But after we did a rehearse after school on wednesday, i was abit confident.

On thursday, between 7pm to 10pm, i was so tensed up and i kept trying to rehearse what i'm suppose to say. I just simply couldn't relax at all! But after 10pm, i tried not to think so much about it and managed to relax. The more i think about it, the more nervous it get.

Normally i'm not so nervous when there is a presentation coming up but for this particular presentation, i was so tensed up! Maybe cos it the only graded presentation of all the presentations we have done so far! I may have taken those normal and ungraded presentations lightly and did not put in so much effort into it thats why i didn't feel so tensed up in those presentations.

Before i slept on thursday night, i lay on my bed thinking about the presentation again and i thought i will not be able to sleep. But then, to my surpise, i actually slept quite well and i even could not wake up in the morning!

I went to school with a pretty clear and relax mindset. Since i've done so many presentations before and also rehearsed properly already, there's no reason to be so tensed up. By being too tensed up, i may not be able to present properly.

Although i trembled a little while i'm presenting and my groupmates also trembled, but i'm glad that the overall results was quite good! The teacher said that we were well prepared and we organized the points on the slides quite well! THUMBS UP!!! :)

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