Birthday And Anniversary

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Hubby Gillian Chang! This is the moment your been waiting for! Finally its up..!

It was my chinese birthday last saturday. I went for lunch with my parents at Thomson Plaza's Peach Garden restaurant as a celebration.

We had shark's fin!

Me and my shark's fin!

We also had lobster mee sua!

No abalone this time... Cannot always eat too good food. Haha!

So we only ordered these 2 dishes and some dim sum dishes.

On this very same day, it was also the anniversary of me and my dearest "Hubby"!

To celebrate this day, we had ice cream at udders and dinner at Ichiban! We also went shopping and bought a couple keychain. All these were done at novena square and united square.

It was my first time having ice cream at udders. Hubby introduce it to me! The ice cream were so delicious! Its the tastiest ice cream i've ever eaten! First time i had ice cream with mashmallow in it too!

After the celebration outside, hubby came to my house. We watched TV, played computer and have fun!

It was a super enjoyable day with 2 celebrations together! Mad HAPPY!!!

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