Sunday, June 20, 2010

2 days ago, on friday, i went swimming with hubby and her dad! Hubby and i went there first and her dad came to join us later after work. Her dad just swam laps after laps while hubby and i went to play around, swim, played the slides and have fun! The 3 of us went to relax at the jacuzzi before we went to bathe.

After swimming, we went for dinner at the coffee shop opposite the place we went to swim. Hubby's dad ate hor fun while hubby and i ate fish & chips! It was quite yummy!!! :) Hubby kept forcing me to eat the coleslaw which i refused to because i hate it to the max!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA :) I love the fish, fries and bun :)

After dinner, hubby's dad fetch me home...

I was quite happy to meet hubby because we haven't met for quite a few weeks! Miss her so much!!!

We met again yesterday when she came to my house. We played computer, danced, acted and enjoy ourselves. I had loads and loads of fun!!! :)

Looking forward to see my dear hubby again next weekend! :)

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