Outing With Cousins & Aunt!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Went for an outing with 2 of my cousins and aunt last wednesday. We arranged to meet up at somerset MRT and i was the last to reach...

We had lunch at cineleisure's pastamania. Then we went for our movie. We watched toy story 3. It was funny and touching! There were some parts that made me almost have tears rolling down from my eyes.

After the movie, we went for a fish spa. Actually we did not plan to do that. Its just that we happen to pass by the shop and decided to give it a try. I was quite nervous at first. When the staff was washing our legs, i was shaking! Too nervous... After i put my legs into the tank of fishes, the feeling was totally different. It was so ticklish!!! My 2 cousins and i were like the noisest peoeple in the shop cos we keep talking loudly about the ticklishness...

However, after a few mins of letting the fishes bite my feet, it was not so ticklish anymore. Maybe i've gotten used to the fishes biting my feet. After the 10 mins treatment, we keep thinking that our feets were very clean. Its confirm just our own thinking because how can just a 10 mins treatment make our feets so clean?! And its our first time doing it.

After the fish spa, we went to orchard central. We went up to the rooftop garden for some phototaking session. We were practially snapping photos nonstop!

We saw this shoe decoration when we got down to the ground floor of orchard central.

Thats my little cousin posing

We went home after that... I had a super duper fun time and i enjoyed every part of the outing. From the movie to the fish spa. The fish spa was really a great experience! Maybe next time, if i have the chance to do it again, i WILL! But i definitely will not do it alone...

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