Double Chalet!

Friday, June 18, 2010

BE WARNED: This is going to be a super long and heavy photos post! LOL...!

Had 2 chalets on 14 June and 15 June, one and a half days with my parents and the remaining half a day with classmates.

14 June, went to downtown east coasta sands for chalet with my parents in the afternoon. Had lunch and walk around e!hub before checking in the chalet.

Me at the chalet check in lobby

The check in lobby

We had dinner at seoul garden. Its my first time eating there i think. I didn't know it serves steamboat till i entered...LOL!

The soup

We have to order the food we want for our steamboat through the computer. Its all computerized!

15 June, MY 18th BIRTHDAY!

I'm 18 years old already but sadly i don't look like one :( Looks, height and everything all don't look like 18 years old...

Anyways, i had lunch at tong le, chinese swimming club branch, with my parents as a celebration for my birthday. Yes, we went out of downtown east for lunch because there's nothing special for a birthday celebration at downtown.

Me at tong le

The ordered a set meal for 3 and these are the dishes that will make you drool...

Shark's fin! WOOHOOO~!


Abalone with udon. First time i see such combination.

My dessert

Mum's dessert

Dad's dessert

Seen before fruit juice in a test tube? Its my first time seeing such thing!

Mum and I

At around mid afternoon, i went over for the class chalet.

Went to the chalet room for awhile then went down to macdonalds with 3 of my classmates. We had a drink each and talk for 2 hours! After that, another classmate came to join us and we went to the arcade. I played driving and basketball.

We went back to the chalet for BBQ dinner after playing at the arcade. I ate lots of hotdogs and crabmeats. Also ate nasi goreng, spaghetti, chicken wing and stingray.

The chalet was at Aranda, another type of chalet at downtown east.

Suzi and me

Me, Suzi and Phoebe

Class pic

The BBQ pit

Few of the boys

Went back to my own chalet at around 11pm, bathe, had supper with my parents, packed our luggage and went home.

Actually the chalet accomodation was till 16 June morning but went did not stay there because we had problems sleeping there. We also have to wake up early to check out if we stayed there because the check out time is before 10.30am. So we checked out at about 1am and went home. But then, i had lots of fun and i enjoyed myself!!!!

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