Chill Out With My Lovely Friends!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yesterday was a super fun, happy and mermorable day! Not only it was the last day of a school term, i went chilling out the whole day with my lovely friends! Its like so rare for me going out the whole day from morning till night!

School ended at 11am and then i went for lunch at Junction 8's pizza hut with Phoebe and Siyan. After lunch, phoebe and i did our powerpoint slides for our project at pizza hut.

After that, we went to shop awhile and then i went home to leave my laptop and school bag at home and get changed while siyan and phoebe went to phoebe's house first. When i reached phoebe's house, they were exercising in the gym, so i joined them. After all that exercising, we went back to the house where phoebe taught me and siyan dancing...LOL!

After dancing, we went for a swim! She leaves in a condo, so there's gym and swimming pool. I swallowed alot of chlorine! After the swim, i felt like vomiting and was sneezing away! We went to bathe, Phoebe and siyan bathe at the house while i bathe at the gym's toilet.

We went to far east plaza after that. I found out something about my 2 lovely friends! They are really crazy shoppers. They can shop and shop. I was like following them to shops after shops seeing clothes and trying clothes. I tried the clothes in a few shops but most of time i was waiting for them to try on the clothes. I bought a hairband and shorts. Phoebe and siyan bought many many things, from T-shirt to hairband to shoes to dress...

Phoebe and i tried on the hat in a shop. We got caught by the sales lady for taking picture. We were not allowed to wear their items and take pictures.

After shopping, we went to eat. I was hungry so i bought cheese hotdog with mashed potato from this british fastfood store. It was delicious but expensive! We had dessert at a store which i think is opened by ngee ann poly students. They sell this special dessert which i have not seen before.

Its made of ice and they add chocolate sauce to it and sprinked cornflakes and rainbow chocos around it.

The shop's look

I look so ugly in this pic. Can barely see my eyes!

After eating, we went to shop awhile before going home. I reached home at 10.30pm! i was so tired and my feet feels so sore when i reach home. My 2 lovely friends spent so much until they say that they must go on budget already! LOL!!!

Scenery of orchard road

There is another reason why yesterday was a happy day besides the chilling out with my friends and last day of school.

Its because HUBBY IS BACK IN SINGAPORE!!!! I miss her so much!!!!

I was shopping with my friends when she sms me telling me she's back. At that moment, i was so concentrated on smsing her and almost forgot all about the shopping. Around 2 weeks never contact her already cos overseas calls or smses is expensive. And she went to quite a far country, so its very expensive to make overseas calls.

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