Why Can't It Be Perfect?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just some thoughts here...

Sometimes i wonder, why can't everything be perfect?

Life's complicated...There's always some disruption that spoils our plans in life.

Like the recent Eyjafjallajokull eruption. Many people in europe can't fly off because of the eruption and planes can't fly, so they are stuck there which spoils their plans. They may have some things already plan out. But they can't continue with it.

Just sharing a few pictures of the eruption i got in emails.

Previously, there were tsunamis, bird flu and i remember the SARS in 2003 when students could not go to school for a week or two and had to stay at home. Assignments were sent by mail to our homes.

Quite recently, there's also the H1N1 and alot of these eruptions or diseases killed many people.

But then, i'm lucky to be in Singapore. Among alot of countries, singapore is one of the safest. But it's not 100% that nothing will happen. Eruptions may not happen here but diseases may happen like the SARS case.

In any case, nothing is perfect. Sometimes having everything perfect isn't good either. There will be no fun in life.

I guess i'm just too scared of dying and also scared of something being ruin....Yeah, i'm scared.

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