Outings After Outings!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is gonna be a heavy photos post! Be prepared to scroll down alot if your reading.


My class advisor treat us lunch at an indian restaurant called kashmir. One of our afternoon lessons was cancelled so we could go for the lunch.

Outside the restaurant. From the banner, it says that the restaurant serves not only indian food but also chinese food. We had a buffet lunch and half of the food was indian while half was not. But the enviornment is indian style and the waiters were mostly indian.

The decorations in the restaurant.

After the lunch, i went to east coast park with my group of classmates who i hang out with.

Some of them went cycling after all the sea viewing and photo taking. I couldn't cycle so i went to macdonalds for awhile with 3 of my classmates and went home after that.

I walked to marine parade from east coast park and took 1 bus directly back to somewhere near my house and walk home. The bus ride was super long! I was feeling so tired and having headache when i alighted the bus.

Saturday, 15/5/10, OUTING WITH HUBBY!

I went to plaza Singapura with hubby! We had lunch at KFC. I ate popcorn snackers while hubby ate the chicken drumstick one.

We went to book our movie tickets and went to take neoprints. After taking neoprints, we went for our movie. We watching "Back Up Plan". The female lead is Jennifer Lopez. Throughout the movie, i didn't know it was her till i saw her name on the credits! Maybe cos i'm not a fan of her so i didn't recognize it was her. Haha!

MRT to City Square Mall after the movie. Went to walk around and also took some photos.

The fountain

My Back

Hubby's Back

After the walk at City Square Mall, hubby came to my house. We had dinner together at my house, played computer, chit-chat and sang songs. Her dad came to fetch her home at around 10.30pm.

Today, 22/5/10, OUTING WITH PARENTS!

Originally, it was planned that i'm going swimming with hubby. But last minute, hubby couldn't go, so in the end, i went to Suntec City with my parents. We had dinner at a restaurant called Tang Dian Wang. It was our first time eating there and was food was super delicious! It was awesome!!!

The Menu

The Soup

What do you think the food on the plate in the picture below is?

Its prawns! Its very yummy and delicious! I LOVE IT!!!

The pork chop fried rice

There were a few other dishes such as tung hoon and tofu but no pictures of them.


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