Celebration, School Friends and MRT

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It was mum's birthday last week and we had a celebration at Thomson Plaza's Peach Garden restaurant in conjunction with Mother's Day.

I got to eat SHARK'S FIN AND ABALONE! Only get chances to eat them about 3 times a year!

We had a total of 3 dishes. The first dish was SHARK'S FIN!!

This was my bowl of shark's fin. The serving is quite small. I felt like it was not enough and i ate till the bowl was super clean!

The second dish was abalone. Sadly, there's no picture of it :(

The third and final dish was e-fu noodles.

The plate of noodles

This was my plate of noodles

Thats all for the celebration.

Now, introducing my school friends! I usually have lunch or go for breaks with my group of friends who are also my classmates. Besides my classmates, i don't know anyone else close enough in school.

Miaoting, Me and Phoebe

Miaoting and me. I look abit odd in this picture. These 2 pictures were taken at a foodcourt quite some time ago where we were eating. There are two other friends who hang out together with us but sadly, no picture of them.

Today, i went to cafe cartel with a group of my classmates after school. School ended at 1.30pm and a few of us had cca meeting at 3pm. Some of them ordered their own meals to eat while i shared a bowl of pasta with miaoting and phoebe. We had eaten something about 2 hours before so we were quite full to order a meal each. After that, the few of us went back to school for cca meeting while the rest either went somewhere else or went home.

There were 10 of us there

Next is about the MRT issue. MRT trains are always so CROWDED! I take the MRT everyday either to school or back home or both. Sometimes, i also take MRT when i go out with friends or family.

However, i had the worse experience on the MRT in my life yesterday! I took the MRT with my friend from redhill station. We were sent by the school to go to a place in redhill to do some english test. And we had to take the MRT home.

We took the MRT from redhill to Jurong East. The train was so squeezey and i was like squeeze in such a small spot.

Finally we reached Jurong East. We could actually go to cityhall to change train back to AMK for me and bishan for my friend. But we chose to go to Jurong East because we thought it not so squeezey compare to cityhall side. And we were right! Although we need to stand but its not so packed until i can hardly move.

Here's the worse part. After 4 stations from Jurong East, all passengers were told to alighted! This means we have to wait for the next train. The next trains comes and guess what, it was so packed until we could not go in. Therefore, we had to wait for another train. At that moment, i was abit fustrated because the first train was perfectly fine, why must it terminate?! And its only a few stations! And we like both like stuck at yew tee! Luckily, the next train that came was about the same as the first one, not squeezey although have to stand.

I took pictures of the scenery at yew tee station.

My friend said that the residents staying at yew tee point are lucky and its very covenient for them to settle their meals and get what they need because they got a provision shop just below their block and a coffee shop and clinic opposite.

Fortunately, after a few stations from yew tee, we got a seat. The train also stopped halfway somewhere before yew tee and somewhere around khatib. I got a shocked when it stopped and was so scared that the train had brokedown or something has happened when the train stopped suddenly and its not at the station.

I took 1 hour 30mins to reach AMK. It was a very long journey in the MRT. I kept yawning when i got out from the train at AMK.

Anyways, after yesterday bad and long journey i was quite lucky today when i took the MRT home from school. I GOT A SEAT FROM THE MOMENT I STEP INTO THE TRAIN! :) This means it was not any bit squeezey. But i'm only in it for one station...

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