Taking Care Of Babies

Thursday, April 08, 2010

I went for lunch at Long John Silver's today. While i was eating, there was this lady who came in pushing a baby on a pram. Then she left the pram at the table and went to order her food. While at the counter, she kept turning back to make sure the baby is safe there at the table.

After she came back to her sit, she wanted to start eating but the baby wanted to drink the soup she had bought. So, she fed the baby with the soup. After that, the baby started crying for milk. So in the end, she could not start eating yet but had to make milk for the baby. And she also said this to the baby in chinese, " At home you don't want drink, come out you want to drink".

After the baby had finish drinking the milk, she put the baby to sleep. Thats when she finally get to start eating her food. And thats when i started thinking that babies are so hard to handle, you need to give in to them and let them have what they want if not they will keep crying non-stop and will also make you very annoyed.

However, thats actually a stage in our lives. Most people will go through it, including me in future i guess.

Taking care of babies isn't that easy. Some skills would be needed too and some sacrifice from the parents would be needed as well. You will need to be responsible and bring the baby with you all the time. Or hire a nanny or maid to take care of it. A baby needs to be tend to most of the time.

There's really a lot to learn about taking care of babies and alot of patience is needed!

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