Swimming With Hubby!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Went swimming with hubby today at around evening time. In the afternoon, it was raining and my mum was like " oh, cannot go swimming already". I was also thinking that we can't go swimming anymore and i really want to go swim. On the way there, it was raining but in the end, we were lucky cause it was not raining when we reach there.

We swim a few laps, played the slide and fool around in the water. We also went to the jacuzzi, trying the massage our body. Its been a long time since i last went swimming, so today's swmming session was a good workout for me.

We wanted to bathe side by side. However, the shower room i was in, the door couldn't close tight and there was a gap. So, i had to move to another room away from hubby :(

After that, we took a bus to Northpoint. We ate the macdonalds there. Hubby ate burger while i ate chicken wings. We both had fries and hubby drank ice milo while i drank coke.

Took MRT back to AMK after eating. Then bus to my house. Hubby is currently at my house and we're using computer side by side.

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