New Phone And School

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Thats my new phone. 2 days ago, i changed my phone. I traded in my old phone for a new one. Actually, my old phone had a problem so i went to change. I did thought about repairing but my warranty had passed and i've been wanting to change phone. So finally, my wish is granted.

Anyways, school's starting in 5 days time and i don't know what time i need to report to school. Called them just now and they told me to report between 8am to 9am. And reporting time got such thing as between 8 to 9?! That day when i went to register, they did not say anything about the school timing and what to do on the first day. So i thought that they would give me more information another time. But till now, i don't receive any information from them. So i guess i shall just report between 8 to 9 and find out more when i'm there.

I'm feeling nervous about going to school next week because everything is brand new. Place, classmates and even what i'm gonna learn there is also new! No more secondary school style where we learn alot of subjects. Its going to be a very specific subject where i learn all about that particular course i chose to take.

I also don't feel like going school maybe because of the long break i had, since i finish O levels in November till now and my mind and body are all lazy and not used to the studying world anymore. Need to start to get used to studying and going to school again when i start school next week.

But somehow, i wish that school would start quickly because i'm kind of bored of holidays. Holidays was quite exciting and enjoyable when it first started but now. I find it kind of boring. But still, no matter how i feel, i need to accept reality.

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