Life In School

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

School was alright for now. Had orientation for the past 2 days. There were introduction, campus tour, ice breaker games, team buliding games, talks and mini concert.

Lessons started today but not offically yet because the teachers have not taught anything yet. They just state their ground rules, what they expect of us during lessons and some introduction. I've met my accounting teacher, life skills teacher and my form teacher which is actually called class advisor in school. My class advisor teaches us some business management stuffs. But he also have not started teaching yet. What he did today with us was just introdution and adminstrative things.

Make some friends from my class. Most are chinese girls. My class has got more malay and indian girls whom i don't really know yet and didn't talk much to them yet. The boys i also don't really know them yet and also didn't talk much to them. Partially because some of them got their own group of friends in class just like me and my group. So most of us just stick to our own group of friends.

Tomorrow will be going for a cca roadshow. Not sure what cca to join yet but i've got some that i'm interested in mind. Will decide after the roadshow i guess...

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