Lessons Offically Started

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lessons have offically started and i've met all my teachers except for PE which is called SW in school. SW stands for sports & wellness. We will be graded on that too which comprises of 3 components. They are a theory test, NAPFA test and participation in activites which includes attendance.

Received almost all of my textbooks too.

These are 3 of my textbooks. The good thing is that they are all made and printed using many pieces of A4 size paper and filed together into a book. Because of this, the book is light and its also not so thick like what i used to have in secondary school. Thick books are very heavy.

Had POA lesson at around noon time. I took POA in secondary school but i've forgotten abit of it. What i learn in ITE is about the same as what i learn in secondary school and now we're learning the basic foundation so its a good recap for me. Also, it brings back mermories of POA since i've not been studying for 4 months. What i'm learning now i also alot lesser than what i learn back then. My textbook is also so much more thinner than my textbook back then because of the lesser chapters and also the way the book is made.

This last lesson of today was office application. It was our first lesson and we're going to learn how to use microsoft word and excel within this 6 months. The teacher taught us some things about microsoft word and there's really alot of ways to do alot of things! So far, before i started the lesson, i only know that CRTL+C means copy and CRTL+V means paste. After the lesson, i know a few more which are CRTL+X, CRTL+N and CRTL+A. I also didn't taught that the font size could be changed using keyboard. I always just click on the font size box at the top of the page and choose the size i want. Guess like there's alot of things i don't know!

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