Rainy Weekend

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Its a rainy weekend this week. It rained yesterday and today too.

I was at home yesterday. Hubby came to my house in the evening. I gave her a present for her birthday and i'm glad she love it. We just played computer, dance and fool around.

Today, went out a few mins before noon time. Had lunch at a coffee shop near Junction 8. I ate duck rice but my appetite is not big enough so i couldn't finish everything. Maybe its because it was too early. I usually have my lunch at late 1pm or early 2pm.

We went shopping after eating. Orginally, we wanted to go home at 2pm. But when we went to the carpark, it was raining heavily and dad's car was parked at the rooftop where there's no shelter. So we went to Toast Box for a light meal and went to shop again. Ended up leaving the place at 3pm and i told my mum, " see i told you, we will go home at 3pm."

Well, actually we split up for shopping which is around late 12pm. Dad went alone and i went with mum. Before dad went to shop, we had a coversation:

Dad: "What time want go home?"
Me: "3pm"
Mum: "3pm so late"
Me: "Then 2pm or 1.30 also can"

So in the end, we met up at 2pm at the gate the heads to the carpark but because of the rain, we couldn't go home. So, we end up going home at 3pm which was the time i first said. Hahaha!!!

Reached home at around 3.30pm. Then i used computer awhile and went for a nap because i was too tired. I slept quite late yesterday and woke up at 11am with a total hours of 7 hours of sleep. It's quite normal for most people. But for me, its not enough. So whenever i only have 7 or less hours of sleep at night, i would have a nap in the day.

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