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Sunday, March 07, 2010

I've been playing maple alot recently and i'm addicted to it. I'm trying to not be so addicted to it as it will surely affect me when i start school.

So anyways, the confirm posting i got into is a Higher Nitec course in the ITE. Well, ITE may seem like its for lousy people but i got no choice. Hopefully, i can get into the poly after i finish ITE. School's starting in April.

Today, i went to 2 temples but i couldn't pray due to some personal reasons. The first one was with my father's side relatives. Not all came, some were not free. We went to pay respect to my grandparents. Since i couldn't pray, i just gather around the table there and talk to my relatives or just walk around the temple. Before, we went to the temple, i had breakfast with my parents. We ate prata at a restaurant called Casuarina Curry.

After that, i went with my parents to another temple. I waited for my parents at one area of the temple while they went to pray since i couldn't pray. We went to eat after that. Mum and i ate laksa while dad ate wanton noodles.

Went OG shopping after eating. Mum bought something while dad and i did not buy anything.

Chinese New Year ended about a week ago. I received a total of $400 plus from the angpaos. Every year, i received about this amount because i got my angpaos from almost the same people every year! On the last day of CNY, i had steamboat dinner with my parents. Its our tradition to have steamboat dinner on the eve and last day of CNY. I really love the teriyaki chicken mum made that day. I finished almost all of it!

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