CNY Preparations

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chinese New Year is in a few days time. So, most of us will be quite busy during this period. Buying and washing of new clothes, spring cleaning house, buy new year goodies, etc.

I went for a hair cut last thursday. Actually, i just cut short my fringe and trimed my hair. My mum told me to go cut my hair quite sometime ago because my hair was quite messy. But i keep dragging until last week. She said chinese new year must go get a haircut, so i went.

I've bought my new clothes last november when i went to malaysia. But i've yet to wash them. I've washed some but not all yet. I seriously need to quickly go wash them and make sure they are all dry before saturday.

My mum does most of the cleaning of the house. I only clean almost all parts of my room and a few other parts of the house. I found out my room is quite dusty when i was cleaning. The shelves and top of the cupboards are quite dusty.

New year goodies are not bought yet. My family couldn't find time to go and buy them. So i'm not sure about that, it depends on my parents.

Recently, been playing maple quite alot. Since last december i started playing it again after a 1 year plus break. I've been playing maple since sec 1 if i'm not wrong. Its been 5 long years. I stopped a the middle of sec 4 to focus on my N and O levels. But in the end, i did well for my N levels but not my O levels. What a sigh!

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