Chinese New Year

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year! The second day of the year of tiger is ending and we're going into the third day soon.

So anyways, on the first day, i went to my uncle's house. We had a steamboat lunch. And also lou hei. Then we played blackjack. I won a few dollars. I joined in the game after they had started for awhile because i was watching television. The show was super funny and nice.

I also went to my dad's friend house in the evening. We had steamboat dinner. We had dinner in the open space of the house. It was quite windy. We chat and eat at the same time. After everyone had finishing eating, we continued sitting outside and chit-chat. Soon later, we went into the house. The adults continue to chat while i played games with some of the other children. We played bridge, taiti and bluff using poker cards. We also looked at some of the old photos which we taken when the adults were young. My dad has been friends with them since young.

Today, i went to 2 of my aunt's house. I had lunch at 1 of the houses. I just sit on the sofa and watch televison. We wanted to play blackjack but the owner couldn't find any cards, so in the end never play.

Tomorrow, will be going visiting again.

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