Monday, January 18, 2010

2 days ago, on saturday, i went for a movie outing with huiting. We went causeway point to watch the movie. We reached causeway point at about 3pm. We went to buy tickets first. After that, we went to the library which is opposite causeway point at the civic centre. I borrowed a book while huiting borrowed a few books, i'm not sure how many she borrowed.

Walked back to causeway point and went in to the cinema for our movie. We watched avatar. At the beginning of the show, i find it boring and scary. I was yawning away and i felt like sleeping. But in the middle of the show, it was not scary and boring anymore. I also stopped yawning. So overall, it was quite a nice movie and i did enjoy it except that the show was quite long. It lasted for about 2 hours and 30mins until i felt so cold! When i came out of the cinema, i was still feeling cold.

Outside causeway point. We're going to the MRT station.

I don't usually watch movies but just this month alone, i've watched 2 movies. Haha, i've broken the record.

Yesterday, went out with my parents. First, we had dinner at a coffee shop near Junction 8. After dinner, we went Junction 8 to shop. I bought 2 sets of pyjamas to be worn during Chinese New Year. Mum bought a shoe and a shirt. Dad did not buy anything. I've bought most of my clothes and things to be worn and used during CNY.

CNY is in about a month's time. I'm so excited. Well, not really about the visitings to friends and cousin's house but the angpaos which equals to MONEY. Ok, i know i look like i'm so money-faced but who isn't excited about money...

Nothing is free in the world. So, no money equals nothing!

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