Yesterday and Today

Friday, December 11, 2009

Today, i went to zoo with my mum and hubby. We had lunch at the KFC there. After that, we went to explore. Saw alot of animals although we didn't get to see all because of the time and we were already tired. The zoo is quite big. We also saw the elephant show. The elephants and the trainers were so cheeky.

The waterfall

This is statue Ah Meng and Me

The orang utan swinging.

See the elephants lie down

Look at the elephant pushing the log up from water to land.

Elephant carrying a log

Elephants carrying a long log. Teamwork!

We took 138 to AMK Central where we had early dinner at Suki Sushi. I ate ice cream, tamago sushi and a cup of eggs. I don't know what is the cup of eggs called. I ate little because i was quite full. We were actually not hungry but my mum just wanted to eat.

After that, we went to AMK hub to buy some food for supper. Went home after that. Hubby came to my house to play for awhile and my mum brought her home after that. My mum was also going to her house, so it was quite convinent for them.

Yesterday, went out with hubby too and with her mum for a few places. First, had lunch at novena's Ichiban with hubby and her mum. Ate some sushi. After that, me and hubby went to buy yami yoghurt and went off to dhoby ghaut while her mum went somewhere else. We took neoprints there.

We walked around for awhile. We wanted to watch movie but there was no suitable one so didn't watch. After that, went to people's park to find her mum since we were bored. We had dessert there. Me and hubby also bought a nail polish each there.

After that, hubby came to my house while her mum go somewhere else. We played and had fun. My dad bought dinner for us. It was Long John Silvers! (:

After dinner, we played for awhile then hubby's parents came to fetch her home

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