Outing with Besties!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Today, went Causeway point with yiying and yixuan. Its been around 2 months since i last saw them. We met at AMK MRT since we are all living at AMK. Took the train to woodlands. When we reached there, we were having some difficulties about what to eat.

First, we went to KFC. It was crowded and there was no empty table. So, we went down to macdonalds. It was also crowded and it was also full house. We went back to KFC. While walking back to KFC, yiying and yixuan were joking, saying that if no place to sit then sit on the floor eat. LOL...

There was still no empty table at KFC. So, we tried Long John Silvers. And guess what? It was also FULL HOUSE! Maybe its because it was lunch hour and the food court at Level 5 was close, so most people have to go restaurants or eat fast food. Plus, the shopping centre was crowded too. But not very crowded. If you have seen the news yesterday, you would know that the food court there is close and will open again for business again tomorrow.

In the end, we managed to find a place at macdonalds, so we ate at macdonalds. 3 of us ate the same thing, nuggets, fries and drink. But we had different drink.

After eating, we went to walk awhile then we go timezone. Timezone is an arcade. Played some games there. Saw a couple that spent alot of money on the jackpot machine and end up getting lots of sweets.

We used the tickets to changed for 2 can drink and some sweets. Because most the things available for exchange are pencils, pens, erasers, colour pencils and sharpeners. All these stationary, i have plenty at home!

We went back home after that.

Tomorrow is Christmas eve. And i will be going to my cousin's house tomorrow night.

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