Opening Of Presents!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Opened the christmas presents my cousin gave me on the eve night just now in the afternoon. Today's the day to open it because its Boxing Day, which is the day to open christmas presents.

Well, i received 3 presents. I'm so sorry i did not prepare any presents. So i did not give any presents.

I got a small purse, lots of chocolates and sweets. 1 of the presents contain a box of chocolates. Another on has got lots of chocolates and sweets and the final one contains chocolates, sweets and the small purse.

Thanks for all the gifts. 2009 is ending soon which means the day for the O level results is nearing. OMG! Hopefully, i did well.

I'm still planning on what course to take up in the poly. Its such a hard decision. Those i like have got such low points, like 10 points. Which means on average, i've to get all A2! And for those with higher points, like 18 points, which i think i would get for my O levels, i'm not really interested in it.

Its really a very tough decision!

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