With Hubby and Genting!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

2 days ago, on thursday, hubby and me went out. First, we went to AMK hub for breakfast. Hubby ate hotdog prata and i ate muffin. Walk around for awhile and we went to Dhoby Ghaut. We took neoprints. I'm so happy to be able to take neoprints with hubby. After that, went to carrefour to buy sushi and drink at plaza singapura.

Actually, we planned to eat macdonalds, but in the end never. After eating, we went to the arcade. We saw this lady who changed for 40 tokens. Total, it cost $20 for the 40 tokens. She wanted to get to toys in the machines.

Hubby and me tried it too. We just spend a little on it. But the funny thing is, when we put in the tokens and the machine door opens, a minnie mouse dropped in. So lucky! But after that, we got nothing ):

We walked around for awhile then went home.

Yesterday, hubby came to my house. We played maple. We created a new character and trained together. Played until we are so tired. Then went to play facebook. After that, we went to my room to play for awhile then rest as both of us were tired.

Tomorrow, will be going genting! And also sunway lagoon after a few days in genting.
I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrow! Can't wait to go genting play and shop and also go shopping at sunway lagoon!

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