O levels is over and shopping!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

O levels is over! I'm so happy.... But, i'm a little worried for my results, especially my maths and science. Hopefully, i did well.

3 days ago, on sunday, i went out with my parents. We went to causeway point. I was looking for a pair of shoes something like this.

I had one that is the same as this picture but its small already, so i'm looking for another one.

But, i couldn't find one. It either has my size and i don't like the pattern or i like the pattern but don't have my size.

Actually, i decided to go somewhere else and find some other day. But then, i saw one pair of shoes that i like at Metro. Its not the type that i wanted. Its open at the back and close at the front. In the end, i bought that shoe. So, i may not be looking for the one i actually wanted anymore.

Later, will be going out for dinner with my parents and buy some things we need for our vacation.

Tomorrow, i will be going out with my hubby. We had a discussion on it just now on MSN. Its a long story.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and also the overseas vacation...

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