Malaysia Trip

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Went to genting and sunway lagoon. Left on 15 november and came back yesterday.

At genting, i played arcade with hubby and mum on the first day and with mum and dad on the rest of the days i'm there. Played bowling with my parents on the third day. We also went shopping. I bought a pants at genting. Our hotel room number is 14152. Its quite far from the lift.

At genting's first world plaza

Our hotel room in sunway lagoon is 10170. At first we thought it would be quite far from the lift when we see the signboard. Because on the signboard it put aroomnumber-10170. But, to our surprise, its actually quite near the lift. LOL...

The hotel room in sunway lagoon is very cold, even colder than genting! I think the aircon got problem, so we keep on and off the aircon.

At sunway lagoon, i bought even more things. The shopping mall is so big. We walked until leg very pain. We played archery, bowling and pool.

Outside the hotel room

View of KL from a window outside the hotel room.

While in malaysia, every night at 10pm, i would watch a malaysia chinese show. The show ended on thursday, which means i watched the last 4 episodes. Thats the only show i could watch, because the rest of the shows are singapore shows which i've watched because in singapore or hongkong and taiwan shows which i don't understand because they speak cantonese or hokkien which i don't understand.

These few days, it rained quite alot. There was a flood in singapore when i was in malaysia. Lucky me!

The flood in bukit timah, Singapore. OMG!

Yesterday, while in the taxi on the way home. The taxi driver kept talking. He talked alot of things. My dad talked abit to him. This is the first time i see such a talkative taxi driver! LOL....

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