Left With 3 Papers!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Most of the papers for O levels are over. For me, i'm left with 3 papers. Chinese paper 1 and 2 on the coming tuesday and science paper 1 on wednesday.

Those papers i have taken, most of them are on average, a few a little difficult and a few are easy. I just hope to get at least an A2 and a few B3, i will with totally satisfied with it. I'm most worried for my math results. I seriously hope i can get a B3, if not at least a B4.

I feel that time has been passing so slowly for the past 2 weeks. Maybe its because of the O levels. When we are going through something we don't really like, we will feel that time passes very slowly. But when it comes to doing something we like or enjoyment, time flies. Oh, how i wish time was pass equally slow just like the past week when i'm enjoying myself after O levels. But, time passes at the same speed everyday, just that we don't notice it when we are enjoying ourselves.

I'm definitely looking forward to the ending of O levels. Well, who doesn't. Everyone sure want to enjoy. I'll be going overseas a few days after my last paper for O levels. Well, its somewhere nearby. Very very near... I'm going to start preparing for this vacation after my O levels has ended. I've got some things i want to buy for the vacation.

Recently, i went for an eye check and collected my new spectacles last sunday. I really love my new glasses although my degress are a little shocking because my degrees for my left eye and right eye have a huge difference. I got to take very good care of my eyes.

Alright, good luck to myself for the remaining 3 papers. I must continue to endure till wednesday. 6 more days to go!

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