What I Have Been Doing

Monday, October 12, 2009

Did not go to school today because i am sick. I've got flu and cough ):

Anyways, on 3 october, it was mooncake festival. I went down to the park just below my block with Gillian to light candles and play the sparkles.

The Candles

We also made a huge fire.


On 6 october, i went to celebrate a birthday. We had dinner at a restaurant at Thomson Plaza.

Our drink was chrysanthemum tea.

The teapot of chrysanthemum tea.

My favourite cold pig shanks beside the cracker.

The first dish was

Shark's Fin!

The second dish was duck wrapped with skin.

Third dish-abalone

The final dish was


Another chance of having good food. I did enjoy all the food.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. We went to Jack's Place to have lunch. Since i sick, so i could not eat most of the food. So, i ate chicken and mushroom spaghetti.

My chicken and mushroom spaghetti.

My parents ate lobster with grilled fish. Too bad i was sick, if not i would have chosen something else.

I hope i will get well soon. As exams is around the corner, its really not the time to be sick!

I seriously need to quickly get well and start my intensive revision which i wish to start right now but i can't because i can't think properly and concentrate with the flu and cough! All i feel like doing now is sleep but i can't sleep because i've slept so much already! SIGHS...

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