Stupid Me

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I feel that i'm so stupid and slow. I can't finish almost every paper i sat for the prelim, POA, Amaths, Chinese, Maths...

And especially today, for my POA paper 2, i did an utterly stupid thing. I was doing the first question which is on partnership, i have already completed the profit and loss and the current account. So while i was doing the balance sheet, i found out that i calculated wrongly some numbers in the profit and loss account. And since correction tapes and fluids are prohibited, i strike of the wrong answer and wrote my new answer beside it. And since i made one mistake, so some of the other numbers are wrong. So i changed it and end up everything is so messy. So i went to redo it and after i've finished redoing it, i realise i only have 45mins left to do the 3 other questions. So, i rush through the question on amalgamation. And the i did not know how to do the question on disposal and the one on financial ratios. So i took sometime to think on what to do for the financial ratios question and did it. The only question left was the one on disposal. By then, i only have about 10mins left so i just wrote abit for the question on disposal. I seriously think i made such a stupid move to go redo a question!

Anyways, tomorrow will having chemistry paper and science MCQ. Tomorrow is also the second last day of prelim but then at least i can have a little break because the last paper is the science pratical on next tuesday which i have 3 days to prepare for and i think there's nothing much to prepare except remembering some things for the chemistry part.

Do wish me good luck!

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