Loving My Blogskin And Today

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'M SUPER IN LOVE WITH MY BLOGSKIN NOW. I changed it yesterday night.

Today, woke up at 10 am although i slept at 2.45am yesterday. Couldn't sleep well, so end up waking up ealier than usual. I wonder i can't sleep, am i worrying anything? I don't think i'm worrying about anything. Maybe i just couldn't sleep well. Hopefully tonight i can sleep well.

So, played mum's phone then did a few questions of math. Then went to watch tv while having lunch. Lunch was nasi lemak which mum packet home. After eating, went to study chemistry then went for a nap.

Managed to sleep for 30 mins and was woken up by mum asking me if Mei got sms me. So i said i don't know and then she went to see. After that, tried to continue sleeping but couldn't sleep. So, i went to the room where mum is ironing and talked to her.

Then went back to room and continue studying chemistry. Studied for about 45mins then don't feel like studying already, so went to play computer.

Had dinner at about 6pm then went for tuition. So sad today Mei cannot come my house. Hopefully next week she can come.

During tuition, the teacher want us to do our own work and ask him if we got any questions. So i did my work on algebra for about an hour then don't feel like doing already. So i asked teacher if i can go to the toilet. I said " teacher, go toilet." Then then teacher go repeat what i said then he stand up and then sit down before letting me go. LOL... I know its like asking the teacher to go toilet. Is i never say properly.

After tuition, went home. Then bath and then use computer. Just now talked to Mei on the phone. We had nothing much to talk about but we just talked. We were doing our own things on the computer while talking.

Anyways, tomorrow got no tuition, cause teacher is not free. YAY! We had a makeup for it during the school holidays.

On tuesday, will be having science practical prelim. I'm so nervous. Wish me good luck!

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