Exams and Studying

Monday, September 07, 2009

So far, english, chinese, Social studies and Amaths paper 1 is over for prelims. But there are still many more papers to go. SIGHS! Which means, during this 1 week holidays, i got to study very hard!

Today, woke up at 8am. Went to school for Amaths lesson. After the lesson, the teacher talked to 4 for us. She says she is very disappointed in me because i'm not puting in effort into studying for Amaths. To be frank, i've kind of neglected Amaths. But worse still, i've not been revising History and POA for quite a long time. I really don't know when was the last time i took my history book to revise.

I guess i've been focusing too much on Maths. Thats because i want to do well for maths. Okay, so for this week, i'm really hope i will be serious and study every single subject.

And, for today, i've not studying a single bit of thing. When i reached home from school, i went into my room, sat on the chair for awhile and then went to my bed and sleep. When i woke up, i ate bread and went online.

Alrights, i shall go study later. And its a must, everyday for at least 2 hours! *slaps myself*

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