Yesterday and Today

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Its 30 more mins to Singapore's 44th birthday! Yesterday, had the school celebrations. Almost the whole class wore the smiley T-shirt. Reached school, reported to class for temperature taking. Then, proceeded to hall for the celebrations. My class won the classroom decoration competition. Everyone was so active. We also took alot of pictures.

After the celebration, had physics supplementary. Before the supplementary, we took pictures, MANY MANY PICTURES. Did an experiment during supplementary. This is the worse experiment i have ever done!

Anyways, after supplementary, i went to amk hub to meet my mum. We went bishan J8 for lunch. Ate a pizza hut. After that, i went popular while mum went to NTUC fairprice. After i'm done at popular, i went to NTUC to find her. Went home after that.

Woke up at 12.30pm today. Then did word search puzzles and a maths worksheet. Also smsed to Gillian, also known as my hubby. She's currently at my house now, sitting beside me. Went for maths tuition just now at 7pm. We did 2 graphs questions. And i hate drawing graphs! Because it always takes up so much time and the teacher wanted us to complete 1 full graph question in 12mins which is impossible for me!

I guess i need to try to do faster and prelims are coming! Its in about 3 weeks time. Need to start intensive revision, SIGHS!

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