Prelims is Next Week!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Received prelim schedule today. Its starting next week. There's english, chinese, Amaths paper 1 and social studies next week. The rest of the papers will be after the september holidays. Am i ready for prelims? I can honestly say no. I'm totally unprepared. So far, i haven only been studying maths, Amaths, physics and abit of chemistry. For the rest of the subjects, i have totally neglected them. So this week, i'm going to focus more on social studies and Amaths because prelim is next week. I think there's nothing much to study for english and chinese but i will try to do some assesment.

I really got do buck up, which is play less and study more.

Today's CE lesson, the teacher gave us a handout on stress managment. And a tip in that handout says, keep a daily to-do list and a schedule. I might try doing a daily schedule for myself. I'm not having any stress but i feel that this might work to get me studying. Actually, i have a thought of doing it for quite sometime but i did not do it because i don't want my daily life to be fixed. I think i will just plan a study one. The rest of the things other that study will not be included, like this i can have a little bit of freedom. Alright, everything is sort out now.

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