O level Chinese,Birthday and Today

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Got back my O level chinese results on wednesday. I got a C5, very disappointed at that time. I did not see my oral grade because when i saw a 5, i was so disappointed that i forgot to see my oral grade but i think it should be a pass because i got a pass for my N level chinese oral. Anyways, i'm going to retake it. I seriously hope i can get a B3 in the retake.

Yesterday, celebrated my sec 3 and 4 form teacher's birthday. I had the same form teacher for sec 3 and 4. We used the mother tongue period to celebrate. She teaches half of my class mother tongue but i'm not in her class. Mine is another teacher. I did not do anything. I was just an on-looker. My classmates did most of the things, from the planning right up to the end. Some of my classmates threw flour on her and she was all white. She went to throw flour on one of my classmate whose birthday was also on the same day. After that, she went to the toilet to wash up. When she came back, we sang happy birthday song and cut the cake. We also took photos. After the celebration, i went for mother tongue lesson. The teacher did not come but there was a relief teacher. There was 2 periods of mother tongue. The first period was used for the celebration.

Today, woke up at 10am to go to school for science supplementary. Today we ended late at 1pm. Went home ate carrot cake for lunch then went for a nap. Woke up at 4.30pm then slacked for awhile and had dinner at 5pm. After dinner, went to study till about 6.15 then went to slacked for awhile. After that, i went for tuition. The teacher revised the topic, probability with us today. After tution, went home, had a bath and then now here i am using the computer with Gillian;Hubby.

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