My Today

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Woke up at 10am today because need go school for chemistry practical supplementary. Practical prelim is coming soon and in fact prelim is coming soon in 3 weeks time. I'm so nervous especially for science practical. I hate practicals!

Came back from school, had lunch, played mum's phone then study. I wasn't really in the mood to study today. But i tried hard to at least do some assesments. I also sms to Gillian; Hubby.

Anyways, i just came back from tuition about 30mins ago. We did graphs at tuition again, the topic i hate the most! Came back from tuition then got a surprise from Gillian; Hubby. At first, i thought she cannot bring her laptop to my house but she finally could and kept it a secret to surprise me. Hahah....

Here are pictures from the national day celebration in school.

The sec 5 standing up

My class in the 5F formation

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