English Oral and Mock Science Practical

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Had my O level english oral on thursday. I was so nervous at first. When i was waiting for my turn, i was shaking so badly. One reason is because i was very nervous. Another reason is because i feel so cold. The oral was held at the library and it was so cold. Too bad i forgot to bring a jacket. When the timekeeper called my name, i went towards him, still shaking. I have 10mins to prepare. I was still shaking then, so i couldn't really think properly. So in the end, i could not prepare much about what to say for the picture.

However, when i went into the examiner's room and sat down, i wasn't nervous anymore and i was not shaking anymore. So read the passage. I have all along been doing quite well in reading so i think reading should not be a problem. The picture was on some students in a chemistry lab doing an experiment. I always have problem with picture discussion but i think i did better this time round. The conversation was on difficulties i faced and friendship. The friendship one was easier. For the difficulties one i talked about having difficulties in chemistry experiment. When i said i have difficulties in doing chemistry experiment, the examiners laughed. I think its because the passage has something related to chemistry, the picture is also about chemistry and for the conversation, i still talked about chemistry. I wanted to talk about other things but i could not think of any other things to talk about on the spot. All i could think of was chemistry, so i just talked about it. Overall, i think i did better than the school oral.

For the school oral, i did not do well. I just passed by a few marks but i think for this i would do even better.

Yesterday, had Mock Science Practial exam. Its like a normal practial session but we did it under exam condition where all the windows and curtains will be closed and the fans will be off or just on at its lowest speed. It was very hot inside and i was sweating. We had to do 2 experiments, 1 physics and 1 chemistry. Thats what we have to do for exam too. I started with the physics one because i'm better at it. I did finish the experiment, drew the graph halfway and went on to the chemistry experiment. I drew the graph halfway because i had some doubts to my graph and i thought i would go and amend it later. So, i did the chemistry experiment halfway and went back to my graph. The reason is because there is a substances which i heated and i need to let it cool first before i continue.

So during that cooling time, i went to continue with my graph. I did not amend anything because i feel that if i redraw, i will not have enough time for the rest. So i just continue drawing and answer. After i have finished with the physics experiment, i continued with the chemistry one.

For the first time, i managed to do most of the experiment. Usually, i always get stuck for most of the parts but this time i managed to do most of it. YAYS! I hope i can do the same for prelims. Overall, everything was alright except for the conclusion for the chemistry one. I need to write 4 conclusions base on the experiment but i don't know what to write. I just anyhow write something on it but i think it would be wrong.

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