My Birthday

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I've always celebrated my birthday overseas. However, this year i did not go overseas, so i celebrated my birthday in Singapore.

On my birthday, i went to the International Seafood restaurant with my parents for lunch. The restaurant is at east coast park.

They had rows of tanks selling the live sea creatures.

I'm holding on to a living lobster!

The first dish we ate was bamboo clam.

The second dish was shark's fin!

This is the first time i see crab inside shark fin and the bowl is so special.

The next dish was abalone.

Me and my abalone!

Lobster salad! Thats the dish after abalone.

The last dish was e-fu noodle. Altogether, we had 5 dishes. I ate until i was very full.

After eating, we went to the beach near the restaurant.

After that, we went to Compass Point. We went to shop awhile then went to Swensens. My parents had a root beer float each and a ice cream which they shared. I had Celebrity Brownie.

I did not take a picture of my brownie, i got this picture from the Swensens website. The one i had was much more bigger than the picture, but it was nice. My mum even sang me a happy birthday song before i ate.

After eating, we went to walk around awhile and then we went to KFC to buy a 3 piece chicken set meal. We did not eat there, we brought it home. After buying, we went home.

I had a really good time that day and ate alot of good food! Haha....

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