July is Ending!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

July is ending soon! And then will be August which is the month i'm going to sit for my O levels english oral. My oral is at around the end of august, which means its in about a month's time! OMG, then september will be the prelims. And in october will be the actual O levels!

Been using the computer this week. I seriously should start my intensive revision soon but i just don't have the mood to study. SIGHS!

Anyways, last friday was the racial harmony celebration and i wore ethnic costume to school. This year there's no concert. It should be because of the H1N1 and we cannot gather at the hall. So all we had is some powerpoint slide shows and phototaking for the morning assembly and first period and after that was lessons till school ends. And after school had supplementary.

Finally tomorrow is friday! And then will be saturday! But anyways, there's nothing to be happy about except for the fact that tomorrow night i can sleep abit later than usual. And also hoping to be able to meet my saturday bestie who is also known as my hubby on saturday at my house. And we will play till midnight 2 to 3am!

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