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Friday, July 17, 2009

Had O level chinese oral 4 days ago, on monday. The reading was fine but for the conversation, i repeated a few of the points twice. I seriously had nothing to say and i couldn't think of something else to say! Next week, will be the listening comprehesion and next month, the results will be out. OMG, its so SCARY! Well, i will be totally satisfied with a B3.

School has started for 3 weeks already. The 3rd week has ended. Next week will be the 4th week. Soon, will be the english oral then prelims and then the O levels. I seriously looking forward to the last day of O levels because i will be FREE! However, its still about 4 months more before i can be free and enjoy myself. I know time pass very fast, but sometimes i feel time passes so slowly...

Speaking of which, i seriously need to study very hard. I'm weak in so many subjects. Sighs....

And now, i need to go to school on saturdays! FOR LESSONS! Which means i need to go school tomorrow!

But then, i guess all i need to do now is to push myself and strive to do well in the O levels. And next year when i receive back my results, not only i will be happy, people around me will also be happy for me.

So, must persevere this few more months and study hard!

Anyways, wish me luck for my listening comprehension exam next week!

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