What I Have Been Doing

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My exam results are out last week! And i'm not surpise about the marks i got because i expected it. I did quite badly for this exam so i really need to buck up for prelims.

Anyways, we have been having intensive mother tongue in school to prepare for the O levels which is on the coming monday. Everyday, the first four periods is mother tongue. And, we stll have mother tongue supplementary after school everyday except monday. I'm getting bored of it but i need to endure!

Last friday, i went to watch a concert, Distant World at Esplanade. The band played musics from final fantasy. There was singing for some of the songs by the choir and 3 other people. Overall, it was not bad and i kind of enjoyed it. As they played, there were images shown on the screen and some were very cute!

Thats all that i've been up to the past week. Currently, i'm still trying to improve on my cloze passage for chinese. I'm still super weak at it and the exam is in 3 to 4 days time!

Anyways, wish me good luck for my O level mother tongue and all the best to those taking it!

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