Midyear Exam Has Ended

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Midyear exams is over! But i'm not totally happy about it. Firstly, i doubt i will do well, so i won't be surprise if i did not do well. However, if i did well, that would be a miracle. Actually, i was kind of slack during this midyear. I feel that i did not put in all the effort into studying hard and was not serious about the exam. But anyways, its all over. I just have to work harder and not be so slack during prelims.

Secondly, O levels chinese is round the corner. Its in 2 weeks time. This means i really got to work very hard this 2 weeks. My chinese is still very bad. My paper 1 is quite acceptable but my paper 2 is totally bad. I'm very weak at the cloze passage and written comprehension. I will definitely try to do something about it in this 2 weeks. I really hope i can clear this chinese once and for all. I really hope i don't have to take it again at the end of this year, although sometimes i think i might have to.

This weekend has gone pretty smoothly. I did not study anything this weekend besides having tuition because i want to spent this weekend to rest and have a good break after midyear exams. But, i think i might be going full blast into chinese from tomorrow onwards, first to prepare myself for the O levels and second to prevent my parents from nagging at me. I'm really sick and tired of all this naggings. So, to stop all that, i've to play a part which is to study

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