Exam and Birthday

Monday, May 11, 2009

Midyear Exams started last monday till thursday and is going to continue tomorrow. I'm left with science, maths and POA paper 2. For the papers i took last week, i think i will not do well. In summary, those that i think i will fail are Combined Humanities and Amaths. Those i think i will get a borderline pass are english and chinese.

3 days ago, on friday, i went to Jack's Place for dinner to celebrate my mum's birthday. All 3 of us had lobster.

My mum and dad had this huge lobster and rice.

For me, i ate a small lobster with fish and potato.

We also had soup. My mum had lobster while dad and i had mushroom soup. Our drink was fruit punch. We ordered a jar and shared among ourselves.

I had good food again. Lucky me! However, i can only have them on special occasions such as birthdays.

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