Monday, April 20, 2009

Today is such as disaster and horrible day!

First during PE, i had to practice my standing board jump because i failed it. I had to get at least 151 to pass but i keep jumping between 135 to 145. Jumped for almost the whole PE lesson until my legs feel so weak!

The worst is, i fell 3 times. I landed on my backside twice and once on my knees. And from that fall, i hurt my left knee and hand. Now, my knee is red and pain! But my hand is alright.

Another things is, i had chinese oral today. It was a total disaster! For the passage, i don't know how to read quite a few words. The worst was at the conversation part because i don't even know how to answer and what to say! I understand the question but i don't know what to talk about it. Sighs, i think i would be very thankful is i have at least a just pass. Luckily, its just school's oral exam. I just hope i can do better in the actual O levels.

Anyways, i've been playing this game called restaurant city on facebook.

Here's my current look of my restaurant. And this picture is taken when i got my first popularity 50.

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