Sports Day

Friday, April 03, 2009

Today is school's annual sports day. Woke up at 6.20am and reached YCK stadium at 7.10am. I was 15mins early. So i just walked around and chatted with friends until a teacher all us arranged chairs. So went to help arrange then assemble at the field for national anthem, pledge, school song and attendance taking.

The had the walk-a-jog. I just walked and talked with my friends. After the walk-a-jog, we went to the spectators stand and sit. We were like sitting in the sun and it was so freaking hot. I really can't stand it. In then end, we moved up where its more cooling. The race started and after all the races ended, it was prize giving. The sec 5s won the inter-class fun relay. I did not run but some of my classmates did. I'm not those who like can run. I failed my 2.4km run, so its shows that i'm not the type who can run.

After everything is over, i went to bishan J8 with my friends. We had lunch at Long John Silvers. After eating, we walked around J8 before going back to AMK. When we reach AMK, we walked around AMK central. We just walked, slacked and talk. We also went to popular to buy things.

We went home at around 2 plus.

When i reached home, i just slacked and relax. I'm really feeling very tired after 5 days of waking up early. And i had a really busy day on april fool's day. Morning had school, after school had some video course. After the course rushed for tuition. After tuition, went home have to do homework. I ended up having a slight headache.

Yesterday and today, i just slacked and relax plus have a good 2 day break. Tomorrow might be starting to rush through homework. I've got a pile of homework waiting for me to go do.

Anyways, tomorrow i have chinese tuition only. No emaths, YAY! But next sat onwards for 3 lessons need go 2 hour emaths lesson to make up for tomorrow. SIGHS!

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