Oral, Drawing and Birthday

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Last Tuesday, i had my english oral. The reading was quite alright. Picture discussion, i think i had abit of prompts and for the coversation, i think i had some prompts too but at least i could say something logical.

On Wednesday, during assembly, we had a drawing session. A man from walt disney came to teach us. He drew many cartoon characters such as powerpuff girl, doraemon and spiderman for us to enjoy. He also said that the formula to a cute drawing is big head + small body. Hahah, i did try drawing. The main thing is the eyes. He said that we can draw anything, a sun or and apple or anything and add the eyes to it and it will look good. Anyways, he's really such a pro!

On Thursday, i went for dinner at Thomson Plaza to celebrate a birthday.

This was the first dish, shark's fin!

The second dish

Abalone was the third dish!

The fourth dish was lobster noodles

And the dessert was


Hahah! All the food looks good don't they?

And of course all the food were very delicious because they are good food! For some of the dishes, i ate until the plate was super clean!

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