NE Journey

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Few days ago, on monday, all the sec 4s and 5s went on this NE learning journey. We went to a mosque, indian temple, URA and a sikh temple(is it called temple?)Anyways, overall the journey was quite alright except for the rain at the 1st part of the journey which made everyone all wet.

At the mosque, a guy explain quite alot of things to us. But, i've forgotten what he talked about. But i think he most probably talked about the muslims customs and about the mosque.

At the indian temple, the tour guide explained to us some of the indian gods and things about the temple. Don't really quite remember what she said too.

At URA, the tour guide took us to have a look a the map of singapore.

At the sikh temple, all of us need to wear a scraf on our heads. At first i don't dare wear but in the end i wore it. Its a must to wear. Drank tea inside the temple, quite nice.

This is the class photo, taken on the way to the sikh temple.

At the sikh temple. I was holding on to my cup of tea. And i know i look like i'm touching my ahem but i'm not! I don't know why i put my hand at that place. Zzzz......

Today, had amaths test. Not sure if can pass because i got alot of questions don't know how to do. Hopefully can pass. I really got to buck up.

Had cca and i was assigned to arranged the reference books properly. And the shelves there are like so dusty! It made me almost sneeze alot of times and i sneeze twice.

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