Some Random Things

Thursday, February 05, 2009

This picture is taken from the school photo gallery. Can you spot me? Well, this picture is actually taken on the CNY concert day, which is 2 days before the eve. We were arranging the cards which were given to teachers during the CNY concert.

Anyways, i've been so tired.I don't know why am i so tired this week. For 4 days, i couldn't wake up easily in the morning.

So far, the week went on smoothly. On monday, had PE, did long jump. And, i was like running all the way. When i reached to jumping point, i just like leaped and continued running. After school, went for POA and Amaths supp. Went home after supp.

Tuesday, after school had photo taking course. Its obviously about taking photos. We learnt the basic skills of photo taking. Every angle can get different kinds of effects to the photo.

Yesterday was just school till 1.45 then went opposite the coffee shop to packet chicken rice and went home.

Today had history test on SBQ, britian and the appeasment policy. I just hope i will pass. After school, went for SS supp then cca. During cca, i did the decoration for the anniversary of the library. I have not completed it yet, may go other days or just heck care about it. Haha, bad ah me?

I guess thats about it.

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