Science Practical

Friday, February 27, 2009

Today, went to school. Did the experiment on electricity during physics. Need to find the current at a certain voltage. I had lots of problems. First my voltmeter and ammeter could not move and my bulb did not light. So, i changed the battery. It still did not work. Then, my classmate helped me and finally all worked except the voltmeter. I tried all i can but still the voltmeter won't move. In the end, teacher helped me and finally everything worked.

Sighs. I really got to learn how to managed it myself. If not later O level time call us do this practice then i cannot do. Well, to me some practicals are easy such as the pendulum while some are difficult. So far, we have only does practicals for physics. For chemistry, teacher want to finish teaching the theory first then start on practical. By the way, chemistry is making my brain burst! There's like so many things to remember. I really got to work real hard. But, i shall take 1 step at a time. Anyways, there's still about 8 more months to O levels.

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