Language Common Test

Monday, February 16, 2009

Today is the start of common test. Had test for the language subjects, meaning english and chinese. English was kind of alright. Its on report writing. Chinese was OMG! The MCQ comprehesion is ultra difficult. The questions are all like what does this phrase mean or what does the author mean when he says this. There was also 1 passage on the written comprehesion and 4 questions to answer. I could somehow do the first 2. The last one was opnion question so its quite alright but i can't finish! As for the 3rd one, i did not do cause firstly, i do not know how to do. Secondly, i have no time! I doubt i will pass but i don't know if i can get at least a just pass. SIGHS!

Tomorrow's test will be maths and social studies. Just now in school, during maths lesson, my teacher ask me if i can get full marks for tomorrow's test and i was like happily saying NO! Seriously, i doubt i can get full marks but passing with a B4 or B3 should be no problem i think.

As for social studies, i just hope i can pass. Frankly speaking, i don't even know whats going to come out. Source based or essay question? I think teacher got say, maybe is i wasn't paying attention at that time or i forgotten. I think should be source based. Hopefully, i'm not wrong.

Anyways, thats all. I need to go study my maths and also recap the format for source based.

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