Double Tuition

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Today, woke up at 1.45pm. I know its very late and the sun is already shining on my butt but i happy can already. Ok, i know i'm crapping. Back to the point, i've got 2 tuitions starting today.

First is chinese which started 3 weeks ago. Second is Emaths which started today. Too bad i got a freaking C6 for O level Emaths which i took last year. This means i need to take it again this year.

Whispers softly to myself, "how i wish i got at least a B3 then i will not have to take it again and need not go for tuition".

Ok, i'm crapping again. But yes, sometimes i feel that way. And at first when i know i had to go for 2 tuitions, i was like, sighing and thinking that it'll be so tiring and had the feeling of blaming my dad for giving me so many tuitions. Anyways, emaths tuition was fun and full of laughter. The teacher was so damn humorous. Thats what made everyone laughed. So, its not so bad afterall. Plus, i'm taking my O levels this year, its my LAST CHANCE! AND I CAN'T AFFORD TO SLACK!

Another thing is, i only registered for emaths in feb as i only got back my results on 12 jan and on that day i've already registered for the other tuition class. Plus, saturday is the best day cause on weekdays, school have supplementary and i'm always so freaking tired.

Since its a saturday, so its quite ok having 2 tuitions although i don't like. At least, i still get to sleep till 2pm!

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